Where the Rocks Still Weep” —  Solo Exhibition 2014 — by Jennifer Andrews

Artist Statement

 “Where the Rocks Still Weep” 2014,  explores the duality of the metaphoric and the actual. In this close-up of a mossy waterfall ledge at Protestor Falls in Terania Creek, NSW, the layering of drawing media explores the layering inherent in the formation of the forest. My photographs were used to trigger my memory and responses.  Enlarging scale and eliminating extra ‘clues’ such as colour details, creates ambiguity and suggestions of hidden or metaphoric landscapes emerge.

Duality of the metaphoric and the actual exists as our minds explore possible “solutions” as to what the image depicts, thus employing our inherent need to associate and empathise with our environment. The water and moss on the waterfall ledge could be an uncharted forest, and for some viewers, faces emerge. It is through this duality of the metaphoric and the actual, that I aim to engage the viewer to create a connection with the rainforest.


A few examples of the 22 works in this exhibition. More to come soon

  All content and images © Jennifer Andrews